My favorite spot

My favorited spot

A beautiful winter day.

I came to my favorite spot today. This is where all thoughts fall into place.

I drove in with the truck, I would have preferred the 4 wheeler but dealing with a bum knee . Today is stunning bright blue skies about + 10. There is a fresh snow down, one of my favourite things is to watch for tracks, for years as a younger gal/ tomboy I would go with my Dad on his trails around the property, maybe we would be checking traps . Always pointing out the different tracks and explaining the animals behind them. I saw a pair of coyote tracks on the trip in today and mink as well. Unless something is flying its leaving tracks.

Sitting on the deck, tucked in a corner, out if the wind. Enjoying full on vitamin D watching the frozen lake. There he / she was ,trotting across the ice, lopping along headed for the shore, a adult coyote out for hunt.

The fire crackling in the fireplace trying to spread a little warmth in a very cold cabin , my fingers and nose cold ,trying to get warm. I can still see my breath in the corners. I tidy the wood pile and then I sweep the floor. Sweeping the floor brings my memory back to my mother . She said , “if there is a job sweeping after death, I will get it “ something’s are just soothing like sweeping the floor at camp. Sitting by the fire I offer a cheers silently to the ones I can no longer share this with, some family and some special friends.

This piece of paradise has helped me, over my life time, settle my mind with every life decision I have ever made. The walls envelope me with a sense of peace. Thoughts clears.

Christmas was spent over here a few different years. A “wild” Christmas tree in the corner with pine popcorn strings and colourful chains made of construction paper and a few icicles for glitter. Around 1989 we built on a bunk room doubling the sleeping space 2 double bunk beds . That year we spent Christmas , my oldest was just an infant.

How lucky am I? Jan 31 and back here again and this time to spend the weekend. It’s a very mild January day , the last one of 2020 and my other half is playing on his tractor and being very productive at the same time. There was to be a road work weekend but there is a storm moving in, blowing up the New England coast about to give us another wee taste of winter.

It’s seems thats all we get nowadays, they become a mostly rain event now . The worse part of the weather now is their predictions of storm . But one of these days, when I was an about 12 there was a blizzard on groundhogs day [ date) Feb 2. Huge amounts of snow and very powerful winds took down power lines leaving us in the dark for a few days. Neighbors took care of neighbors, those of us who burned wood for heat and cooking, took in some that didn’t . We as kids as so much fun that winter digging forts in the huge drifts. One came off the veranda roof ,

The family’s love for this cabin is a huge part of my life. I remember spending lots of weekends as kids over there with our folks . Building onto the tiny cabin that once was a shed in the farmyard. Lugging stone for the fireplace, swimming in the lake. Sleeping in the loft of a one room cabin . Card games and lots of laughter , lulled us to sleep in the smokey loft, kerosene lanterns flickering I can still smell that smell. I brought my 3 kids over here lots when they were younger sometimes just us , sometimes with a girlfriend and her kids. Often schools March break was spent here.

Tonight we will hopefully doing some star gazing and board gaming with friends sharing some beveys in front of the fireplace. We brought our guitars, we sometimes play back and forth into the wee hours like when love was new, time disappearing.

This was started a year ago,and my how times have changed. I still try to get back there as often as I can, my heaven.

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1 thought on “My favorite spot

  1. nicola roberts-fenton February 5, 2021 — 12:09 pm

    LOVE this, such a special place. I miss going to that camp, it does feel like heaven on earth.

    I remember New Year’s Eve y2k, making funny hats.

    I remember snuggling into the bunks and using my imagination to create images in the rocks of the back side of the fireplace.

    I remember leap frog on the bear rug.

    I remember swimming and swinging and playing in the rope net.

    I have so many great memories from being there 🥰 Thanks for sharing some of yours.

    On Fri, Feb 5, 2021 at 8:57 AM Forest Glen Adventures wrote:

    > Heather Brittain posted: ” A beautiful winter day. I came to my favorite > spot today. This is where all thoughts fall into place. I drove in with the > truck, I would have preferred the 4 wheeler but dealing with a bum knee . > Today is stunning bright blue skies about +” >


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