Little meadow camp

I have lived on this farm land for all but 5 of my years. The first home of my adult life . We had in the pasture was 20 x20 , it ways built with lots of help and especially a lot from Dad. Open living room kitchen area compact bathroom laundry area and one bedroom. This was Katelyns first home. Our log house was built in front of the small house 29 years ago by a log home company from Plympton. It was finishedBarry,(my children’s dad ) and myself, my Dad and Barry’s Dad. Grammas busy supplying snacks and coffee .It was a family affair. Through out the years Dad helped with all projects and when he got older he was a great foremen. The man knew how to do so many things .

In 2009, we took on another project to build a small camp back by the brook , this really isn’t far from the house, but it seems you are miles away from civilization. Dad had talked about it for years, we should build a little camp back here.

Jason, Katelyn, Lucas, Glenn ,myself and Dad cleared off a spot and started the “little camp”. The lot clearing involved a huge fire to get rid of some limbs. Of course like most projects we take on ,the time of year was an issue and the black flies loved us. It started with a piece of deck that I had scrounged some materials left after the back deck roof project, a couple windows and a door. Roof shingles left from another project in a former life

We got it built.

We even took the salvaged propane stove from  the tent trailer days. A table ,like I remembered from our original family camp, attached to the wall and a prop up leg. 2 chairs and a single bunk in the corner ,with what Dad thought was a perfect spot to watch the apple tree during deer season.

The view from the camp is stunning down across the meadow and the brook trickling. A little slice of heaven.

This has become our first “Bunkie”

I have always said a great place to read a book or maybe write one, now I’m thinking blogging

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